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  • Mr. Marion Burns, Chairman
  • Mr. Ezra Callahan, Vice Chairman
  • Dr. Gloria Holmes, Secretary
  • Mr. Ben C. Johnson, Jr., Treasurer
  • Ms. Courtney Gilchrist
  • Dr. Gregory A. McCord
  • Ret. Major Gen. Harold Mitchell
  • Ms. Hazell O'Leary 
  • Rev. Joe Simmons
  • Ms. Ethel Sumpter
  • Dr. Najma Thomas
  • Ms. Betty Washington
  • Mr. John Whittleton
  • Mr. Thomas C. Barnwell, Jr., Emeritus
  • Mr. Clifford Bush, Emeritus
  • Dr. Emory S. Campbell, Emeritus


  • Ms. Audrey M. Johnson, Chair
  • Ms. Connie Curry
  • Mr. Dave Dennis
  • Mrs. Ervena Faulkner
  • Mrs. Sara June Goldstein
  • Ms. Marie J. LeRoy
  • Mrs. Mary Sharp
  • Mr. Ned Tupper
  • Queen Quet